Brand You Should Know : Sies Marjan

Sies Marjan. Sies Marjan.

(Say-is Mar-jhaan)

I have a deep genuine appreciation for this brand, not only because the creative director of the brand Sander Lak is so so so good to look at but also everything about that brand is fresh and original, mostly beautiful. Beautiful would be an understatement, it’s above and beyond.

I had a chance to see Sies Marjan‘s collection in person recently at‘s NYC pop-up store.

You should expect to see a good amount of Sies Marjan on the street style faves come next Fashion Week season.

The whole collection is filled with modern and fresh silhouettes, blossoming asymmetrical ruffles, wispy silk floral dresses. Probably the most noticeable thing about the collection is the color palate, warm pastels offset by natural tones. Sander Lak, describes the feel of his collection as, “Femininity, elegance, imperfection”.

Sies Marjan, represents the new wave of new generation chic. It’s very very cool.

Sander Lak, Creative Director, Sies Marjan

fav looks






Source: Vogue

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